About Us

Who are we?

This Website https://techtopick.com is run by Harpreet Singh & his team (who now functions as the Chief Editor of the site) Individually there is no other person behind this Site.

What do we?

Tech to Pick is a website that publishes useful articles for Tech Readers Out there who always want to stay on top with the latest tech news.

We also add a forum in Our Site where people can discuss about their problem and may get solutions which make our visitor engaged with our Site.

When did we start?

Tech to Pick was launched in February 2015

Where are we?

We are in heaven, YES we write all our articles from “Punjab” the land of “Waheguru” and We love this peaceful place with full vibrant peoples around us.

We start our journey in 2015 with the name of TechPunjabi but with the passage of time, we realized we have to change the name due to various reasons like people think this site is only for Punjabi peoples or Website content is in Punjabi.

But Journey continues in 2017 we make a fresh start with the name of Tech to Pick. Here on https://techtopick.com, you find the latest reviews on budget stuff like gamepads, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and some other things like PC Builds, etc.

The platform is new, but the people behind it aren’t. The team at TechtoPick has been into the reportage, storytelling, and reviewing for a few years, and on our YouTube Channel, we are reviewing the budget tech products for millions of viewers from around the world.

Harpreet Singh (Editor-in-Chief)

Harpreet is the CEO and Founder of NeverNo Technologies, managing the company and portfolio since Oct 2015. He has managing content on the web and also on Youtube. He is just a simple guy who loves anything related to tech.

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