Amkette EVO Elite Wireless GamePad Review | Best Under Rs. 1500

There are some really good options in the market if you are looking to buy a GamePad for pc gaming under Rs. 1500 in India and Today I’m reviewing an another good gamepad which will cost you only Rs.1400 and offer great value for your pocket money.
Amkette EVO Elite Wireless GamePad Review with Pros & Cons

Amkette EVO Elite is a wireless gamepad with which you can play games on your windows PC, PS3 or even on a Android Smartphone. Below I listed all the main Features of this Gamepad.

Features of Amkette EVO Elite Wireless GamePad:

  1. 10 Hours of Gameplay on single charge without any wire.
  2. Zero Lag Connectivity due to 2.4GHZ Wireless Network connection.
  3. Dual Vibration Motor for great feeling while gameplay.
  4. Support both X-Input and Direct Input So, you can play thousands of games without any problem.
  5. This Amkette EVO Elite Wireless Gamepad support Windows, Android and PS3 So, you can use this game pad on multi platforms.
  6. You can Play games from maximum range up to 10 meters but in our testing you can even go beyond if there is not distraction in the way.

Build Quality | 8/10

So, Let’s talk about the controller, the material used to build this gamepad is really nice. Buttons are really responsive but not backlit which is a bit disappointing thing for me. Joysticks are buttery smooth and overall grip on the controller is really nice. I also liked the triggers on this one feels very natural.

Gamepad feels very solid in the hands and plastic quality is also good for the price you pay.

So, for build quality, I like to give 8 out of 10 to the amkette evo elite wireless gamepad if they add some rubber on the side that would be great for extra grip.

Performance | 9/10

Basically, I have no issue at all with this gamepad for PC while playing games. This gamepad is great for any type of gamer but if you like to play car racing games or action games where a lot of shooting things happen then you would love this gamepad for amazing triggers.

I play GTA 5, Dirt Rally, PUBG and WWE 2017 and this gamepad doesn’t disappoint me at all. Amazing response from buttons and joystick.

If you have a flagship android device then you can enjoy same game play on your smartphone too without any issue. But there is not mount & OTG adaptor come with this gamepad so, you have to set your phone accordingly the situation.

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So, In Performance Department i like to give this gamepad 9 out of 10 one marks cut due to there is no backlit keys for low light conditions which actually effected my performance.

Battery Life | 9/10

I have no issue with the battery life of this gamepad. Amkette EVO Elite Wireless gamepad can easily gives you battery life of 8-9 hours on single charge and you can also enjoy gaming while charging the device.

Pros & Cons

+ Great Performance.

+ Good Battery Life.

+ There is no Lag in Gameplay.

– No Back-lit Action Keys.

– No Mount for Smartphone to hold..


I guess if your budget is below Rs. 1500 then this Amkette Evo Wireless Gamepad right now in 2018 is one of the best option available in the market So, Defiantly i recommend this product and you can buy this same gamepad from our authorised sellers on Amazon & Flipkart from where you get genuine products.


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