Assemble Your PC at Home | In any Budget | Build PC Online in India

In India, not many persons build their PC at home like in other countries but now somehow trend is changing. Now we all want powerful PC at lowest Price.

So to Build your PC at home in India you need bit help which you can get from youtube like how to combine all the parts together. But most important thig is that how to choose PC components which provide maximum performance and all the parts communicate well with each other.

How to Select Parts for Assemble Your PC

The most important part of a PC is CPU when you are sure which Processor are you gonna use to build your PC next thing is motherboard choose motherboard as per your CPU Socket.

After Selecting Motherboard and Processor next thing is ti Choose RAM which depends on your requirement and makes sure only choose RAM which is compatible with your Motherboard.

If you want to do little bit gaming or graphic work must add a Graphic Card on your PC and to power all the things you need PSU which can run all the parts of your PC and at last you need to choose Cabinet for your Dream Build That’s It.

Best Configuration for Assemble PC in India

We make Personal Computer’s in all Budgets like from Rs. 20000 to Rs. 100000 So, It’s on your budget how much you can Spend to assemble PC for yourself.

  1. Assemble PC Build in Rs. 20000 in India.
  2. Assemble PC Build in Rs. 30000 in India.
  3. Assemble PC Build in Rs. 40000 in India.
  4. Assemble PC Build in Rs. 50000 in India.
  5. Assemble PC Build in Rs. 70000 in India.

Click on the link as per your budget to get specifications of that specific build. I hope you guys like all these budget buildĀ in these PC’s you can do gaming, editing and run almost any software out there.


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