Best GamePad Controller for PC Under 500 | June 2019

Are you a PC gamer and bored via playing games with keyboard and mouse or you want to enjoy multiplier games with your friends and buddies. Then you must be looking for gamepad which can connect with your PC So, You can enjoy games as good as on any other gaming console.

If you are here then probably you don’t have much budget to buy a good gamepad controller for your PC. That’s why we are here to help you to find the Best GamePad for PC under Rs.500 in India which you can buy online and offline as well.

We also write a great article on Best GamePad for PC Under Rs. 1000 you can also check that if your budget allows. Lets back to the main topic all the gamepad we find under 500 has all the basic features like two joysticks, All the main buttons, and vibration motors. One thing I want to clear here no gamepad in this list is compatible with any smartphone.

Best GamePad for PC Under Rs. 500 in India

All the Gamepads are great for the price you pay all are very similar to each other in terms of features and performance. So, here is our list of Top 7 Best Gamepad for PC Controllers under 500 Rupees in India.

Now talk about each gamepad in detail about build quality, performance, and other stuff.

1. Quantum QHMPL QHM7468

This is the Best Gamepad which you can buy under Rs. 500 price range it has great build quality. Quantum QHMPL QHM7468 has all the basic buttons and this one has great vibration motors one of the best in this list. Wire length is also good overall this is a very good package under Rs. 300.

Best GamePad for PC Under Rs. 500 in India

Some Basic Features of QHMPL QHM7468

  • It has 8 Way Direction Buttons.
  • One Slow button.
  • Individual Select and Start function.
  • LED indicator of Analog.
  • Double vibration motors & Shock Function.
  • Compatible for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Only D Input mode – Which is a Drawback.

Buying Link: Amazon | Flipkart

2. RedGear Smartline Wired GamePad

Redgear is a known name if you want gaming accessories in budget price. This gamepad is not an exception RedGear Smartline wired gamepad controller is very much similar to Quantum gamepad but with a little bit better build quality. There are no physical or functional differences between Smartline and Quantum 7468. But This gamepad has Both input mode X input and Direct Input so you can enjoy very much any game available in the market.

Best Gamepad Under Rs. 500 in India

Some of the Key Features of RedGear Smartline:

  • It has 8 Way Direction Buttons.
  • Integrated force feedback.
  • 2 Analog Triggers.
  • 2 analog sticks.
  • 10 digital keys.
  • 1.8m USB cable.
  • X-D Input mode. Big Advantage Over Quamtum 7568.
  • Compatible for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.

Buying Link: Amazon | Flipkart

3. Zebronics ZEB-260JP Wired Gamepad

This Gamepad is most expensive in this list cost Rs. 470 But if you are paying extra money you definitely going to get some extra here. First of all this gamepad has much better build quality and has extra grip on the side. Overall this gamepad is completely value for money.

Best Gamepad Under Rs 500
Here are some features which this gamepad has:

  • It has Dual vibration motors.
  • This one has Slip-proof handle design.
  • Double vibration / Shock Function.
  • Directional Pad + 8 Fire buttons + 2 Analog sticks.
  • Compatible with all Windows Operating Systems.

Buying Link: Amazon | Flipkart

4. Enter E-GPV USB Double Vibration GamePad

There is nothing much to talk about all these gamepads because nothing special here all the gamepads almost work and functions same So, It’s completely on you which one you like the most you can buy that.

Enter EGV Gamepad Under Rs 500
Main features of the Gamepad:

  • This gamepad has 8-Way direction button and 10 fire button + slow button.
  • Double vibration / Shock Function.
  • Transparent Blue LED indicator.
  • USB Plug & Play.
  • It Supports Turbo/Clear functions.

Buying Link: Amazon | Flipkart

5. Quantum New USB Game Pad with Turbo Function

This GamePad is Perfect competitor for Zebronics ZEB 250JP This one also has great build quality as compared to others.

Gamepad for PC under 500

Main Features:

  • It has 8-Way direction buttons.
  • 10 fire button + slow button.
  • This gamepad has Individual turbo and clear function.
  • Double vibration / Shock Function.
  • Fully analog action buttons and D-pad.

Buying Link: Amazon | Flipkart

6. Enter Vibration E-GPV10 Wired Gamepad

If you just look at the design it’s a copy of Quantum Gamepad but there are few design changes in this gamepad like d-pad is much better and overall build quality is a little better then Quantum one given above. If you are a serious gamer then it’s just ok not the best even no gamepad in this list which is meant for pro gamers it’s just for starter.

Enter Wired Gamepad
Enter Wired Gamepad

Main Features of this Gamepad

  • It has an Ergonomic Shape which gives you extra Comfort During long Playtime.
  • Double Vibration motors for an extra hit.
  • Automatism Function Key.
  • Deploy 3D Swaying Pole.
  • Transparent design.
  • It Supports Turbo/Clear functions.

Buying Link: Amazon | Flipkart

So, That is our list of Best GamePad for PC Under the Price range of Rs. 500 in India. If you like our list definitely share this with your friends and family on social networking sites and If you have any question or query do drop in the comment section below. If you have any other gamepad in your mind which you think is a good option under Rs. 500 Definitely tell us in the comments section Below.

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