Top 5 Best Projector Mobile Phones with 70-inch Screen | April 2020

Projector Phone concept is not very popular but there are few numbers of peoples who really need a smartphone which has great Specifications and offer an HD Projection.

There are lots of companies that make projector phones like Samsung, Moto, Micromax and we make a list of Top 5 Best Projector Mobile Phones in India.

Projector phones are definitely bulky than normal phones because they contain a small Pico lens inside. You can use this type of smartphone in Office or school presentations. As the projector is built-in you can stream local content easily like your own Photos & Videos.

Apart from that in the end, we also discuss a bit on small projector which can perform much better than these projector smartphones.

Best Projector Mobile Phones with HD Projection in 2020

  1. Moto Z Play with Moto Insta-Share Projection Mobile
  2. Samsung Galaxy Beam 2
  3. iBall Andi 4a
  4. Lenovo Smart Cast Laser Projector
  5. Sony Pico MPCLA Mobile Projector

1. Moto Z Play with Moto Insta-Share Projection Mod

Moto Z Play is the newest projector smartphone which is recently launched by Motorola. This Phone comes with modular accessories with which you can add extra functionality to your smartphone. Motorola also makes a great MOD for Projector which they called Moto Insta-Share Projection.

Motorola 2017 projector phones

Once you attach this Mod to your Moto Z Play Smartphone you can create up to a 70-inch screen on the wall.

Here are the main features of Moto Z Play Smartphone with MOD:

  1. You can make a 70-inch screen on the wall.
  2. Display at any angle and anytime
  3. Use the integrated kickstand to project at any angle
  4. Maximum Resolution 480P at 854×480 pixels, DLP Projection Technology, 50 lumens brightness, 400:1 contrast ratio.
  5. 1100 mAh built-in battery which adds up to 60 minutes of projection time
  6. Physical button control: Power/Settings, Manual focus
  7. 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

Moto Z Play is also a great Smartphone Very Stylish and sexy comes with great hardware and comes with latest Android OS. If I buy a projection phone I’ll only go with this Smartphone in 2017.

Moto Z Play cost without MOD Rs. 24,999/-  with Mod Price is Rs 34,999/- Only

2. Samsung Galaxy Beam 3

Samsung is an old player in this projector smartphone market they launched Samsung galaxy beam in 2012 and the next version of the beam phone comes in 2014 which they called Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 and There are strong rumors that Beam 3 will be launched in 2017 so if you are looking for a top-notch phone with projection feature and you can wait till 2017 end must wait for Samsung Galaxy Beam 3.

Samsung Galaxy Beam 3 Projector Smartphone

Here are the main features of Samsung Galaxy Beam 3

  1.  It has a Snapdragon 652 Processor.
  2. 3GB of RAM.
  3. 64 GB Internal Storage.
  4. 256GB Expandable via MicroSD Card.
  5. 4500 mAh Battery.
  6. 16 MP Primary Camera which records 4K Videos.
  7. 13 MP Selfie Camera.

3. iBall Andi 4a

iBall is a well-known name in India and they had a beautiful brand ambassador like Kareen Kapoor Khan. They also launched a smartphone with a Projection feature name called iBall Andi 4a.

iball andi 4a Projector Phone"

  1. This device has a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen and a dual standby SIM (GSM + GSM).
  2. The phone has 512 MB of ram.
  3. 4GB of internal memory.
  4. Expandable Storage via microSD up to 32 GB.
  5. It has a 9MP primary camera.
  6. The iBall Andi4a phone runs on the Android v4.1 jelly bean operating system.
  7. It is powered by a 1500 mAh battery.
  8. It also comes with a free tripod stand and a 35 lumens projection with 480 x 640 clear projection.
  9. Evidently, it can project up to 10 feet by 8 feet, and that is rather impressive.
  10. The contrast ratio is 1200:1 and the size of the screen size is 32 inches.

4. Lenovo Smart Cast Laser Projector

Lenovo also tried to make an amazing laser Smartphone but simple it doesn’t come out until now but we hope that it will come out soon. Smart Cast is the world’s first Smartphone with an integrated focus-free laser projector. The phone features a hardware button that initiates the Smart Cast. Once pressed, you get to see every app that can work with the Smart Cast.

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Lenovo Smart Cast

It has an inbuilt infrared light sensor, which tracks movements and enables users to make any surface a touchscreen. But frankly, I don’t think this projector can but available in the future as we all know projection in smartphones is not very popular so all-in-all I think this phone doesn’t come out.

But here are some of the main features which they told me:

  1. Lenovo has developed 10 basic apps like email, browser, video player, calculator etc. that work with the Smart Cast.
  2. The phone must be in a dark light for its projector to work.
  3. The phone looks futuristic and comes with Snapdragon 635 processor.
  4. 4GB of RAM.
  5. 5 inch HD Display is a let down for me.

5. Sony Pico MPCLA Mobile Projector

Sony, as we all know, makes great cameras and know they also make a great mobile size projector which cost 399$ (approx 25000) Indian rupees.

This is the device that I was talking about, Sony Pico MPCLA isn’t mobile with a projector but a portable solution that’ll help you to project any smartphone you have. This is more useful for professionals. It’s not a cheap device but its very practical in real life.

Sony Projector Mobile

The Sony Pico MPCLA mobile phone is laser-powered and will appeal to folks who are looking for a projector that has a small form factor.

Here are the main features of this Mobile Projector:

  1. It has a resolution of 1920×720 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  2. The highlight of this portable projector is that it is very thin and significantly lightweight (Approx. 7.4 oz or 210 g).
  3. It recharges from standard USB, or optional power brick and runs up to about 2 hours on a charge.
  4. It is focus free, which means it allows you to watch movies always in focus even when projected on curved or uneven surfaces.
  5. Other specs include support for HDMI/MHL connectors, Bluetooth, Headphone/speaker jack & WiFi connection to help you mirror screens flawlessly.
  6. This projector has a Laser light engine and wireless capability built-in which makes it a complete pocket-sized HD mobile projector. You can buy it from Amazon here.

So these are the Top 5 Best Smartphone which has projection feature But right now we only advise that moto Z Play is the only smartphone which is valuable right now which works as a projector and as well as a good Smartphone too.

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