Best Graphics Card Under 15,000 INR for Full HD Gaming Experience | March 2021

Best Graphics Card Under 15000 INR in India to Buy 2021

Looking for a Gaming Graphics card Under 15000 Rupees for your Computer? Then you are on the right path here we discuss in detail what actually a Graphics card does and which gives you the best graphics performance. What is Graphics Card? Graphics card is hardware that is used to increase the video memory of … Read more

Best Graphics Card Under Rs.10000 in India | March 2021

Best Graphics Card Under 10000 INR

Are you looking for the best graphics card under 10000 INR for your PC to boost the overall graphics performance of your computer? Great, you are on the right site. See, Computer is a very widely used machine and we can do almost everything on a computer like creating and storing letters & Documents, watching … Read more

Best Gaming Graphics Card Under Rs. 5000 in India | March 2021

Best Graphics Card Under 5000 INR

Graphics Card what is that and why we need this thing in our PC to run Graphic intensive games on our Computer. Graphics card is also known as GPU which help our PC to enhance graphics performance which is previously did by your Processor by just adding a Specific Graphics card Processor get relief from … Read more

Best Black & White Laser Printers For Daily Office Use Starts from 5000 INR

Best Black & White Printers

Often monochrome or black & white laser printers provide you with the best combination of quality and cost-efficiency. This is particularly true when it comes to office use and you don’t need to print in color. In her guide to the best laser printers for home and office, Harpreet Singh looked at a few offerings … Read more

Best Laser Printer Under 5000(INR) for Home & Office Use | April 2019

Best Printer Under 5000 INR

Which is the best all-in-one printers under 5000 INR Confused? Today, We moved to a paperless era where we save trees and use digital much more than paper, but still, there are many things which still need to be done on paper like business documents, invoices, notes and many more. Most of the printers today … Read more

Best Portable SSD in India from 5000 to 15,000 Price Range | Nov 2018

Best Portable SSD in India Starting from Rs. 5000

Till today we all use Hard Drives in Our System because It’s Cheaper then SSD and Offer a lot more storage option but the biggest problem with Hard Disk Driver is Slow Transfer Rate and due to that we face many issues related to performance. If your main computer or Laptop has less storage which … Read more

Best Wired Gaming Mouse Under Rs.1000 in India | October 2018

zebronics alien gaming mouse

Gaming Mouse is a thing that all the gamers out there need but due to the tight budget, they use a normal mouse with lower DPI and without any function control buttons. But now time is changed and you can buy a superb gaming mouse up to 3200DPI mouse with 9-10 control buttons under the price … Read more

Best GamePad for PC Under 2000 INR for 2020 | Wired & Wireless

Best Gamepad for PC Under Rs 2000

Want to kill your competition and looking to buy a solid Gamepad for your gaming PC Under 2000 INR??? PC Gaming is now really trending in India and events organized by companies for gamers are taking gaming to another level. But playing a game on a computer using the keyboard can be difficult and irritating … Read more