F&D F550X 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers | Best Buy for Rs.4,000 in India

Are you looking for 2.1 speakers which look cool, sounds great and has all the latest connectivity Options then you are at right place. I have these F&D F550x Speakers for Review.

Start from the Unboxing – Inside the box, you got 2 Speakers, remote controller with cells, 3.5mm to RCA cable, RCA to RCA cable and finally the subwoofer So, that’s it for the Unboxing and now take a Closer look at the Speakers.

F&D F550X 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers | Best Value for Money

Talk about the Build Quality and Design F&D F550x is Looks Amazing with unique design and cool looking LED Lights on Subwoofer and overall material quality used to build these Speakers is great. Subwoofer made of the really nice wood material to Produce great bass and Sound. These 2 speakers are made of Plastic but the Plastic quality is A Class.

So, Let me Divide this Review into thing what I like about these Speakers and the things I don’t like.

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Start from the things I Like about F&D F550x:

  1. The Build Quality if you are Spending Rs.4000 on a Sound System Build quality is very important because sound quality is highly Depend on the Build Structure and these Speaker never let you down in build quality.
  2. The thing is Control & Connectivity these speakers has all the connectivity options like Bluetooth, NFC, AUX, FM with Antenna, USB, SD Card. So you got all the connectivity option and control is also very simple you got all the buttons on Subwoofer like Play/Play , Next/Previous, Source Button to Switch Between various modes, Volume Buttons and a On/off Button and you also got remote with F7D f550x so you can do more stuff like turn off LED lights etc. On Back Side of Subwoofer you have to scroll wheels to adjust bass and treble and yo also have this FM Antenna Wire if you like to listen FM. So that f550X speaker packed with full of features.

F&D F550X Front Side

  1. Now Take about Sound Quality Simply that Speakers Sounds like a true 5600W Speakers Bass is fantastic not over bossy. Vocal’s come out crystal clear So, you can use these with your TV as well to enhance your Daily TV Experience.

If you are a user who likes to listen music at full volume these speakers never let you down even at full volume with full bass sound doesn’t fade off.

These are Perfect Sound System for your home you can also use these speakers for small parties at your home/office etc.

F&D F550X Remote

So that is the end of the things a like about these Speakers and now take about some little things which I don’t like.

  1. Remember I say these speaker Doesn’t fade off at full Volume that’s true but if you connect that with DAC then you notice sound start distraction at full volume.But You can’t complain because you are paying a Budget amount for these Speakers.
  1. The problem which I face with F&D F550x is the wire length of Speakers like I have this amazing 34-inch Curved ultrawide monitor Thanks to LG for this. if I want to set these speakers side by side and Subwoofer at one side that is not possible due to short wire So, I prefer if one Speaker comes with a long wire.

F&D F550X Speaker

So, Basically, that are some small issue I have with these speakers.

Now Coming on to the Verdict I highly Recommend these speakers to anyone who wants a Stylish looking Sound System with great Sound and want all the connectivity options. I give a huge Pick to F&D F550X.

Links to Buy F&D F550X:
Amazon India Rs.4199/-: https://goo.gl/GNNoNB
Snapdeal Rs.4119/- : https://goo.gl/n7gR4v
Flipkart Rs. 4590/-: http://fkrt.it/0zSQL!NNNN

And if you want to Buy Link Given in the Description with lowest Price tag must check that out. Follow us at all the Social Networking Site Link give in the Description.Thanks for watching and Now I’ll take to you guys in the Next One Love u all.


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