Cheapest Gaming PC Build Under Rs.20000 in India | September 2019

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If you want a perfect Gaming PC under 20000 INR then that is not possible in this Budget. But in this budget, you can build a basic pc with which you can perform all basic computing tasks and little bit gaming like GTA V at pretty respectable Frame rate.

If you want a good budget gaming PC then you are at right place don’t expect above-average gaming performance from this PC build, but this PC can handle most of the games at the Low settings.

Gaming PC Build Under 20,000 INR Configurations

All the Hardware we mention in this blog are available on amazon so, if you don’t find any part in your local hardware store then you can buy direct from your apni dukan – Amazon.

Few thing that I really want to clarify at this point is that there are not many upgradable options available for this build So, if you think you will upgrade some specs in near future to increase performance out of this machine the chances are very little we will discuss about upgrade option for this build in later section now lets talk about hardware we choose for this build.

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There are not many options for processors in this price for gaming pc build but we choose to go with Intel G5400 Dual-core processor over Ryzen 3 1200 which is a quad-core processor.  For basic work, we do recommend ryzen over intel but Intel Processor is always ahead over AMD when we talk about gaming performance that’s why we choose Intel G5400 for this Build.

Intel G5400 Processor

Intel G5400 is a Dual-Core processor clocked at 3.7GHz which is fantastic this processor is compatible with LGA1151 300 Series motherboard. For basic gaming, this processor is good enough with faster clock speed.


Gigabyte is a well known and they make good quality motherboard in budget price that’s why we choose to go with Gigabyte H310M-H with Gaming LAN. This motherboard supports Intel 8th Gen Processors and latest DDR4 RAM.

Gigabyte H310M-H Motherboard

Please keep in mind that you can only install Windows 10 on this PC as you may know all new intel 8th gen chips do not support Windows 7 or Later OS. Bios on this motherboard is pretty neat & clean. Overall good for a budget gaming pc build.


Here we discuss a lot while writing this article that is 4GB RAM is enough for gaming due to tight budget we can’t go for 8GB but as I told you above this gaming pc is only for low profile gamers so for that 4GB is good enough and for this we select AData XPG D10 4GB DDR4 RAM with 2400MHz speed.

adata 4gb ram

Graphics Card

Again here are few here are there thought we highly recommend to go for GALAX GeForce GT 1030 EX White 2GB SDDR4 Graphics card which boosts your PC Gaming performance by 40% as compare to Gigabyte GeForce GV-N710D3-2GL 2GB PCI-Express Graphics Card but there is a price difference of Rs. 2200 between these two graphics card which makes this build little over 20K but GT 1030 worth that price.

Galax GT 1030 EX Graphics Card


Good quality & reliable storage option is must for any pc and that’s why we only choose WD. Western Digital is a reputable brand in terms of storage devices and there 1TB HDD is highly reliable and budget-friendly.

WD 1TB Internal Hard Disk Drive

Power Supply

There are many chap option available in the market for 400W PSU but we decided to go with a good option which also comes in a budget and Circle 400W Power Supply fits perfectly in our budget that’s why we select this option for this gaming pc build under 20000 INR.

Power Supply


Few buks left and in this tight budget, we can’t afford a good looking gaming pc cabinet so we decided to go with the cheapest option we found which is a Frontech Shine JIL-41 Cabinet cost only Rs. 900.


Intel G5400 Dual-Core Processor5,350Amazon
Gigabyte H310M-H4,900Amazon
Galax GTX 1030 2GB Graphics Card5,200Amazon
AData 4GB XPG D10 DDR4 RAM1,599Amazon
Circle 400W Power Supply850Amazon
Frontech Cabinet900Amazon
WD 1TB HDD3,100Amazon
Total Price21,899


If you can spend a penny over 20K you should go for GTX 710 Graphics Card which cost only Rs.3000 so in that way you can save Rs.2200.

Overall this Build is only for those who had a really tight budget and can’t afford more then 20000 budget but if you can spend more we highly recommend at least go with Gaming PC Build Under Rs.30000.

  1. Cheif says

    Y to go with intel if AMD is giving cheaper and Better gaming performance.
    It will be convenient to add price along with each part suggested above.

    1. PJ says

      Because AMD processors don’t come with a stock cooler . A separate cooler will add at least 2000 Rs to the budget

  2. Mackensie Fernandes says

    It is possible to use windows 7/8/10 rather than DOS

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