Best Gaming PC Build Under 50,000(INR) | Intel 9th Gen | September 2019

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Building a gaming pc is not difficult at all but selecting hardware for best gaming pc build under Rs. 50,000 is not that easy because there are tons of options but we are here to find only the Best.

This Gaming PC can handle all the latest Games Like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto V, Watch Dog 2, PUBG and more at 1080P with minimum 50-60 FPS. But in case you want to spend little more, you can check you Gaming PC Build Under 70,000

Here is a quick surprise for you guys actually we have two builds for you guys under 50,000(INR) for both AMD and Intel Lovers So If you are an AMD Fan Checkout Our Ryzen PC Build otherwise scroll down to check our Intel PC Build.

Best Configuration for Gaming PC Build Under 50,000 in 2019

This is the same build we used at our office for refreshing our minds after long working sessions till now we haven’t face any issue with this build you will get on average 50-60 FPS for any game at full high definition resolution. We carefully choose parts for this build with upgradable options in the near future.

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In this build we include all the things like full PC build, monitor, keyboard & mouse so don’t worry

Intel Gaming PC Build Under Rs.50000

If you want to play games on your PC that’s the only moto then this Intel Build is Perfect for you but if you want to do bit productive work too like Video Editing, AutoCAD, Photoshop etc. I would suggest you to check Ryzen build Below.

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The Intel i5 9400F is a perfect mid-range gaming processor. Intel new 9th Gen processors are super fast and reliable this new processor comes with Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 with the help of this you can spend more time doing your work and wait for less time. On this processor, you can create, edit and share 4K content with easily So, if you are looking for 4K editing machine this can do that job easily.

Intel Core i5 9400F 9th Gen

Talking about spec Intel 9400F has 6 Cores and 6 threads clocked at 4.1GHz which is good for both work & gaming. This processor has 9MB Intel Smart Cache and maximum power consumption of 65W TDP and this processor comes with a stock fan is good enough so, you don’t need to waste extra money on cooler and this processor also support Intel Superfast Intel Optane Memory.


A motherboard is the most important part for any PC that’s why we decided to go B360 chipset motherboard from Gigabyte there is plenty of worthy board from other brands too but due to limited budget, we decide to go with this.

Gigabyte B360M Motherboard

Gigabyte B360M Gaming Motherboard supports Intel Latest 9th Gen Processors (LGA 1151). On this motherboard, you can put two RAM Stick, One M.2 SSD, and One Graphics Card.

Ports available on this board for external connections:

1 x HDMI

2 x Mouse & Keyboard

4 x USB 3.0

2 x USB 2.0

1 x RJ45 Port

1 x Audio Ports combo

Graphics Card: 

Coming on to the most important part of this gaming PC Build because without this you just can’t turn on this pc because Intel 9400F need dedicated graphics card wor display So you must need a GPU.

Galax RTX 1660 Graphics Card

For  Graphics I Choose the latest baby from RTX lineup which is Galax RTX 1660 with 6GB DDR5 Memory OC Edition which is a beast for gaming that GPU has Nvidia Latest G-Sync Technology and also VR Ready So, you can also play Virtual Reality Games if you want to.ThisGraphics card has One Display Port 1.4, One HDMI Port 2.0b and One DVI-D Port.


RAM is Important for multitasking and for this build I choose Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 LPX 3000MHz Speed This will make your PC Blazing Fast. 8GB of ram is enough to run the AAA titles of today but the industry trends suggest higher requirement in the future. So, If you want you can add 8GB more in near future.

Corsair RAM for Gaming PC Build Under 50K


We have decided to use the WD Blue 1TB Hard Disk Drive which will slow the bootup speed but, HDD offers more space at a much lower price then SSD. 7200RPM is industry standard that’s why this is very popular among the budget PC Builders.

WD 1TB Internal Hard Disk Drive

Power Supply

For a lot of average users out there a PSU doesn’t make a real-world difference to the PC but it is very important to get a reliable power supply. It powers all the components of the system and any failure could result in damage to the components. So, We decided to go with Cooler Master 550W 80+ White PSU This will cost only 3800 Rupees and It comes with 3 years warranty.

Cooler Master 550W PSU


There are plenty of option for Gaming PC Cabinet in the market some comes with fancy RGB lighting but costs a lot more So, We decide to go with a budget option that’s why we selected ANT Esports ICE-100TG Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet with Transparent Tempered Glass on One Side which looks really attractive if you want you can add LED Strip which cost 200-300 if you want to add RGB to this Build.

Ant Esport ICE-100TG Gaming PCCabinet

Intel Core i5 9400F 4.1 GHz Processor12,200
Gigabyte B360M Gaming Motherboard6,180
Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 (3000MHz)3,600
GALAX GeForce GTX 1660 6GB GDDR518,800
Cooler Master MWE 550W (80+ White) Power Supply Unit3,800
WD 1TB Internal Hard Disk Drive3,150
Corsair Carbide Series 100R Cabinet2,480
Total Price50,210


Suggested Upgrades

We want to make this build future proof that’s why we go for high-end gaming motherboard with support M2 SSD and all the latest Intel Processors Core i3,i5,i7 up to i9.

  1. If you want to speed up your boot-up time then I’ll suggest you Samsung EVO 860 M2.0 SSD or WD 240GB M2 SSD.
  2. Although Intel Processor comes with fixed clock speed and for this stock fans are than then enough. But if you are going with AMD Ryzen Build then I suggest you Cooler Master Hyper 212.
  3. If you to play games in ultra HD resolution then I suggest you to add GTX 1060 3GB Graphics card which cost 4000(INR) more then 1050.

Recommended Accessories for Gaming PC

  1. Gaming Keyboard – If you want best gaming experience then a good accessory is a beast gaming PC is must and for keyboard, our choice is Redgear Blaze 3 if your budget is under 1K but if you can spend up to 4K then Circle Squadron M Gaming Keyboard is the best.
  2. Gaming Mouse – for this build our choice is Corsair Harpoon 6000DPI gaming mouse. But if you can expand budget then Logitech G502 mouse is best.
  3. Headphones – Hey if you want chicken dinner in PUBG then headphones is must for you and our choice is Logitech prodigy G231 which cost around 3K but if your budget is bit low you can go for a budget option from Redgear like Redgear Cosmo 7.1.
  4. Gaming Monitor – There is no specific gaming monitor in the budget section but there are some really good options under 10,00o for Full HD monitors and one of them is LG 22-inch Monitor which cost Rs. 8,499.

So, That is our Configuration for Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs. 50000 in India. If you have any suggestion you are most welcome. If you like this Build then Please Share this on Social Media with you friends.

  1. sreejith says

    i need an 50000 pc build. its a first desktop so i need all components like monitor and need skylake
    please suggest

    1. Harpreet says

      for what type of work you need PC like for Work or gaming

      1. Gaurav says

        Can you suggest for work like illustrator, cinema 4d and video editing

        1. Harpreet says

          If your Budget approve then Checkout my Editing PC Build Under Rs.70000 :

  2. Rijo m j says

    I want to build pc for fhd gaming and video editing under 40k , please suggest good parts, I don’t want hard drive and monitor

  3. Jason says

    Thanks for the good gaming pc build, i am planning to upgrade my pc from Pentium to i3 or i5 and this list will surely help me.

    1. Harpreet says

      Yes, Bro That is almost the Same PC I Used for all My Work & Gaming and I’m 100% Satisfied with it.

  4. Yash says

    Want to build one under 45,000 INR for gaming.
    I don’t have anything so I would require a monitor , Keyboard, Mouse and everything in between.

    1. Pratik Mody says

      Go for the kaby lake pentium g4560 which is essentially an i3 with just a lower clock rate for the processor.
      As for the gpu go for a gtx 1050. Add in 8GB ddr4 ram 1TB hard disk. You can get a good fhd monitor from 6 to 8k. Go for an b250 motherboard and buy speakers, keyboard, mouse etc. of your requirements.

      1. Harpreet says

        Thanks, Pratik for helping Yash to Build his Dream Gaming PC Setup 🙂

  5. Ranjeet says

    Please build a pc for 1,00,000. or 1,50,000

    1. Harpreet Rupal says

      Sure Bro :)))

  6. Archita says

    I love it Thanks Harpreet

  7. Sugam says

    The build for 50k.. did you really check the gtx 1060 3gb zotac price … All current prices are taking it to 60+..

  8. Shane Jacob says

    Are you sure that this board supports this memory? In the memory support list it’s not there…

    1. Harpreet Rupal says

      Yes 100% Bro GIGABYTE GA-AB350 support DDR4 Ram

  9. Huan says

    Can I use Intel i3 or i5 processors?

  10. siva says

    Thanks for this Build I buy all the things and my pc performance is fabulous Thanks, alot. Best site for Gaming PC Builds in India.

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