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What You Learn When You Lose in Rummy Games?

Rummy is an interesting game and many people in India enjoy this card game. While most people enjoy winning the game they are playing, there are many things you learn from losing too. Here we have explained the different things you learn when you lose in rummy card games. These simple tips and facts will help you better rummy player online as well as offline. Wait no more! Read and find out how to master the ultimate rummy card game.

Khelplay Rummy

When You Lose Because You Have Too Many Points in Hand

One of the common mistakes most players make is to hoard points in their hand. The inability to dispose off the high point cards can cost you heavily when the opponent wins the game. Once you lose the rummy game because of excess points, you realise the importance of disposing high point cards. It teaches you some financial management through rummy and you always have an eye on the points in your hand. It is only when you taste failure in rummy games that you realise the significance of reducing points in your hand.

When You Lose Because You Made Melds First

The top priority for any rummy player should be to complete life. This means that a good player will first try to complete his pure sequence and real sequence and then move on to make melds. This can be a major error as your hand is considered as a full hand till the life is formed. If your opponent wins while you are wasting your time making melds, you maybe charged for a full hand. This mistake in rummy games teaches you to set your priorities properly.

When You Lose Because You Did Not Choose First/Second Drop

Players who are still new to rummy look at passing a turn to be cowardice. This is not true. First drop and second drop in rummy allow you to quit a turn in a series game so that you do not lose many points. People who do not choose first drop or second drop even though they have a poor hand end up losing many points at the end of the game. This type of failure in rummy games teaches a player his limitations.

When You Lose Because You Did Not Use Jokers Properly

Jokers in Indian Rummy are like wild cards in Uno. They can be extremely helpful in winning the game if you know how to use them correctly. Players who do not realise the true benefits of using joker cards lose out even when they have a chance to win. Good players constantly rearrange their hands in order to make the optimum use of jokers in their hand. They know how to minimise points and sort the sequences using joker cards. This prevents expert rummy players from losing the game.

When You Lose Because You Did Not Assess Opponent Moves

While your focus needs to be on your hand, you also need to assess the moves of the opponent if you really wish to win rummy card games. There are some hints hidden in each move of the opponent. For example, when an opponent disposes the joker, you can assume he is finding it hard to make the natural sequence because of excess jokers. If the opponent starts disposing low point cards, it is safe to assume that the opponent is about to finish his hand. A good player will hold onto the cards that the opponent needs ensuring that he does not win the game.

Mastering rummy is not very easy. However, if you frequently practice this game, you will surely be able to master it. You can download the Khelplay Rummy app and enjoy a few sessions of rummy with practice chips so that you master this card game. You can then challenge your opponents and beat them at rummy.

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