Leaf Metal Wired Earphones Review | Is It the Best Option Under Rs. 500?

Where companies like Apple, Google and Now OnePlus is getting rid of Headphone jack there are still almost all the budget smartphones ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 (INR) have 3.5mm headphone jack but no smartphone maker offer a pair of earphones inside the box. That’s why we have to spend a little extra money from our pocket if you want to enjoy something individually without disturbing anyone else around.

The most common budget for an average Indian buyer for earphones is close to Rs. 500 to 800 and in this price range there are plenty of options in the market but today I’m checking out a budget earphone from Leaf name called Leaf Metal Wired Earphones which will cost you Rs. 499 but I got it for Rs. 399 in Amazon Big Billion days sale.

I’m using Leaf Metal earphones from last 10 days and now I have a pretty good idea about there performance and that’s what I’m going to share with you guys in this review.

Build Quality

We are very protective about our smartphones like we put a cover on the back and tempered glass on the front but for earphones, we don’t even use a carry case so, a good build quality for earphones is must and I have to say Leaf somehow managed to provide really good quality in such a decent price.

Leaf Metal Earbuds

The Shells are made out of Metal and quality is looking very solid and all the joints are quite well settled. The wire quality is also very nice Leaf Metal Earphones comes with silicon breaded wire which I never saw on any other earphone under Rs. 500 and due to that wire on this one is tangle-free so you can put these earphones in your jeans pocket this will never mess up.

All in all build quality is pretty good and even 3.5 mm jack is gold planted overall I’m satisfied and give 8.5 out of 10 to Build Quality.

Sound Quality

The most important factor for me while buying any earphones is sound quality if they don’t sound good I don’t care how good they build or looks. Being a Punjabi I listen to a lot of Punjabi music with bass and heavy drum rolls and I’m also a fan of folk music.

Firstly, I felt the audio output is not as loud as some other earphones in this price range especially Boat Basshead 100. But after using it for a long time I found these earphones produce enough that you can enjoy music and doesn’t hurt your ears even if you listen music on these for a really long time.

Vocals are good on this one very sharp and clear. If we talk about bass,  It’s good and offers deep bass but not very deep but you can’t complain here because in this budget you can’t expect much.

Leaf Metal 3.5mm Headphone Jack

If we talk about overall Sound Quality It’s decently loud, clear and offers good deep bass, all in all, It’s a balanced package and I like to give it 8 out of 10 in Sound Quality.

Other Features

If you are looking for earphones under Rs. 500 there are not many which come with a good quality mic but Leaf Metal has a really good mic but there is a bit problem here too mic is positioned really low due to that you have to pick up mic can get closer to your mouth so you can talk easily.

If we talk about other features it has a button which is really clicky and offers accept or reject call, Play and pause music and if you long press on this button it will turn on Google now on the android phone which is great.

Leaf Metal Control Button

Pros & Cons

+ Solid Build Quality

+ Clear Vocals and accurate tuning

+ Good Deep Bass

– Mic position is too low and no clip for the mic.


Leaf is an Indian Brand and I love their initiative and all their products are crafted in India and leaf metal is there entry level earphones and offer good sound quality overall and really good build quality and offer all the basic features. But there are few small problems are also there like position of the mic is very low.

But if we talk overall its a really good balanced package for music lovers. So, I recommend these earphones, but one thing to note down here if you are a person who is just looking for loudness leaf metal is not for you.


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