Obage HT-303 2.1 Multimedia Speakers Review with Pros & Cons

There are only a few Indian brands that actually work on sound quality rather than loudness. Home speakers are meant to listen music & watching other content, it’s not made for DJ Parties. Obage is one of those brands that prefer to make good quality sound speakers which makes you feel good. Music is a tool to relax your mind, not meant to increase your headache, and trust me Obage HT-303 is the best combination of boosted bass plus crispy vocals.

Obage HT-303 Multimedia Speakers Review In-Depth

Obage HT-303 is only 2.1 System by Obage but this one is enough. In this article, we talk in-depth about this system from design, build, performance, connectivity & sound quality.

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Build Quality

The one thing you can say about Indian products is quality that’s why Europeans come to India, and Obage is trying their best to keep up with that there all products which we tested till today come with a really high-quality body material. The wood material is really good legs are well attached and the mess on the speaker & woofer front is solid as well.

Obage HT-303 Woofer

Control wheels are smooth and the wire length of speakers is long enough. Overall in terms of build quality, I’ll like to rate it 9.5 out of 10 considering the budget under 4000 INR.


Obage systems are like homemade systems nothing very fancy & shiny best Obage HT-303 is the best looking speakers from the house of obage. Speakers are in Qubic shape, small in size easy to adjust and look super cute. If we talk about subwoofer design-wise it’s the same as Obage HT-101 just changed outer material and trust me this one looks much better than HT-101. In the design department, I’ll like to rate it 8.5 out of 10.

Obage HT-303 Speakers


One thing you like about this system it offers AUX, SD Card Slot, USB, Bluetooth & FM. There is nothing left for connectivity. Wireless Range is also very good on this system around 30 -40 feet without any connection drop. So, in terms of connectivity, I’ll like to rate it 10 out of 10.

Sound of Obage HT-303

Firstly, I’ll like to recommend checking our sound test video linked below because here I played all types of songs which can give you a clear idea about the sound quality & bass of Obage HT-303.

Now I hope you listen to above-linked video. One thing is clear that HT-303 is bass boosted system but one thing I really like is vocals don’t fade away in the bass. Vocals were bit low but not distorted with bass.

This system is favorable to music listeners as compare to TV watchers because vocals are low and bass is high but if you want to use for watching tv content then you have to drop bass manually. Overall If you like more bass this system is meant for you and this system covers up to 175 sq.ft.

So, In terms of sound, I’ll like to rate 9.5 out of 10.


Obage HT-303 is priced at 3600 INR and at this price it’s the best 2.1 multimedia speaker system you can buy for boosted bass with high Vocal clarity.

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