OBAGE MT600 Single Tower Speaker Review | Best Budget Speaker Under 3000 INR

We all have a tight budget but that doesn’t mean we can’t afford quality products most of the peoples around us thought if they want good quality speakers they have to spend 10-15K. But I’m happy to say that those peoples are wrong.

If you had a small budget and a small room and want to fill that room with pleasant sound which feels natural and doesn’t blast your head then take a look at Obage MT600 Single tower speaker.

Obage MT600 Mini Single Tower Speaker Review

Obage is an Indian brand and they make quality products at an unbeatable price. But we are here to talk about there mini single tower speaker which cost Rs. 3,599 and offers crisp & clear sound with deep bass.

Obage MT600 Subwoofer


Name Specs
Sub-Woofer 6.5 Inch Single
Speakers 2 x 3.0 Inch Full Range Speakers
Output Power 35W RMS
Bluetooth Ver 2.1
Sound Signature Flat

Build Quality

Obage MT600 comes in a single fully closed wooden box. There is a shiny paper on top to give it an attractive look but I’m not sure how durable that is but personally speaking in white color it looks dope. Overall structure of this mini tower speaker is very solid and it’s quite heavy in weight.

Obage MT600 Two Speakers

But frankly speaking, I didn’t like the control center much which I also complaint in my previous review on HT-101 quality seems bit low here. The remote comes with this set is also very nice and build quality is also very solid and offer almost all the controls at one place.

So, In Build Quality overall I like to give 9.0 out of 10.

Connectivity Options

In this Budget, you won’t find much in terms of connectivity options but in Obage MT600 you almost find all the connectivity option like you had SD Card Slot, Dual AUX Input(One in front and one on the side), USB Port, Bluetooth, and FM. So, basically, you can connect these speakers to any device without any problem. There is also a Mic Input.

Audio Quality

As I told you about if you had a single room around 150 sq.ft and you want to fill that room with quality sound then Obage MT600 is a pretty good option for you.
Obage speakers are not that loud which I reviewed previously but they offer music which is smooth and melodious.

Obage MT600 Controls
But Obage MT600 also offers loud sound with Deep bass which most peoples like in India. This Speaker produces a very clear sound which you can listen for a long duration without fatigue.

Because of a flat sound signature, dominant vocals, it is ideal for connecting with TV and enjoy movies.

As Obage Said “This is NOT meant for bothering your neighbors, but it is designed to provide a Clear and Melodious sound.”

Which I find true in our review. You can check our full review on Youtube

Pros & Cons of Obage MT600 Speaker

Pros Cons
+ Compact in Size – Low-Quality control center
+ All Connectivity Options available – Old Bluetooth Version
+ Deep Bass
+ Flat Sound
+ Solid Build Quality



If you are looking for a well-built, compact and value for money mini single tower speaker which offers Clear and Melodious sound with proper deep bass then Obage MT600 is a great option for you to buy.

Here are the Links to buy Obage MT600 If you buy from our link this will help us to produce more content like this for you in the near future :

Flipkart: Obage MT 600

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