Privacy Policy

Privacy policy clears all the things and confusion about the privacy and security of information you share with us. Many times, we ask users for providing their personal information like name, e-mail, etc. while they comment, but they need not to worry about the privacy of the information because all such things are covered under our privacy policy.

Information we collect

Comment and Subscription Policy (Personal Information)

To keep users in touch with us and to keep them updated of the new stuff, they need to subscribe to us and where they need to provide their personal information like e-mail to us. It is not mandatory to subscribe with us, but subscription with us will keep users updated on latest updates. Likely, users also need to provide some of their personal information while commenting and users can ask and share their problems through comments.

Non – Personal Info

Many times we may need the non-personal information from you to solve your device problems like your device name, model name, name of the browser you are using, operating system you use, etc.


A cookie is a data stored in your computer send from the website you use or browse. Cookies are there for increasing the user experience. In order to provide the best experience to users, we also may use cookies. Cookies are enabled by the browsers and you can also disable cookies from settings of the browser, but by doing so, you may not operate some functions on our website.