Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs.70000 with RTX 2060 | March 2020

gaming pc build under 70000

Are you a professional gamer and looking to build a pro Gaming PC under a budget of Rs. 70,000 for yourself then my buddy you are at right place. We talked to various experts before writing this article So, we can only come up with the overall best configurations of our Gaming PC in this … Read more

Best Configuration for Gaming PC Build Under 60,000 INR | Feb 2020

Gaming PC Build Under 60000 INR

Every Gamer has the desire to have an amazing Gaming PC that looks beautiful and had powerful specs inside. It’s not the easiest thing to do in this Budget But, hey if you are here then why fear I’m going to help you to build your own Gaming PC Under 60000 INR. No Doubt there … Read more

Best Wedding Video Editing PC Build Under 80,000 INR | April 2019

Editing PC Build Under 80000 INR

Almost any modern computer can handle tasks like web browsing, working on excel sheets or play basic games. But when it comes to an intensive task like video editing, even expensive pre-built systems or laptops are put down to knees. If you are professional video editor you will need the horsepower in your system for … Read more

Best PC Build Under $2000 – Intel vs Ryzen | 4K Gaming | Dec 2017

Today we are proud to unveil our Best Gaming PC Build Under $2000 in front of you guys. We actually build Two Gaming PC one is Intel and the Second one is AMD Ryzen Build. So, it’s Completely Depend on You which one you want? Intel one is completely focused on Gaming because Intel Processor … Read more