Best Gaming Headphones Under Rs. 1000 in India | October 2018

Gaming Headphones under 1000

Why a gamer need a headphone? Gaming is now becomes a serious business now most of the new games has AI integration and games like OverWatch where you can’t even stay for 1 minutes without headphones because you need to listen to the enemies carefully. Headphones are also great if you want to play games … Read more

Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs. 1000 (Good Bass & Crispy Audio)

Bluetooth Speakers under 1000

I know you want Best Bluetooth speakers Under 1000? Don’t worry before leaving this page you will get it. Bluetooth speakers are very popular & useful in our day to day life. The main reason that Bluetooth speakers are really popular because it’s very lightweight and portable. you can carry Bluetooth speaker anywhere with you … Read more

Best VR Headset Under Rs. 1000 | Quality Lens with Adjustable Head

Best VR Headset Under Rs 1000

Best Virtual reality or VR headset under Rs 1000 in India? VR is very popular nowadays because it’s cheap and very cool for playing interesting VR Games and watching movies. With the launch of Google Cardboard, the craze for ‘VR glasses’ or ‘Smart glasses’ has taken a sudden spike. Thanks to Google’s initiative, now you can … Read more