Top 15 Free Live Wallpaper Apps for Android (January 2019)

Why we love android is due to it’s ability to customize every single part of it. Now i know you knew about that, that’s why play store is filled with launchers, widgets and icon packs to make your phone exactly what you want.

Here is a fact you can convert your Android Phone to iOS, Windows and Ubuntu but you can’t convert iOS to Android 😛

But there is one more thing which most of the guys forget to change is wallpaper. Wallpaper is the most important part that how your phone is going to look alike.

A good collection of Wallpapers for your android phone always a good thing to have. But having static wallpapers in 2019 is not so good idea because you have tons of other options now in Wallpaper department.

There are tons of Live Wallpaper apps available on Android Play Store but we did something just for your convenience we have used over 108 Apps and come out with our Top 10 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android in 2019.

Benefits of Having Live Wallpaper:

  1. Add little Character to your phone which makes it look different from others.
  2. It mimmic 3D Effect.

Drawback of using Live Wallpaper:

  1. Consume Extra Battery.
  2. Not Suitable for low performing smartphones.

Top 15 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android Phones 2019

1. AMOLED LiveWallpaper

Amoled name suggests that this live wallpaper should be in deep black background with some punch vibrate colours on it. This live wallpaper app is best for those who had amoled screens like Samsung, OnePlus etc.  

This live wallpaper also save battery and create a really watchable moment on your screen even in idle condition when some one click on screen all the things moving around the screen suddenly turn to that position where you touch the screen which makes it really cool and interactive live Wallpaper app and Personally i loved it and It’s free that why i ranked it on No.1 Place.


2. Walloop

Walloop is an ultimate live wallpaper app for anyone this app has a really large collection of live wallpapers Just thing about any wallpaper and walloop has that for you like Amoled, Live, Psychedelic, Cutie, Abstract, Aerial, Animals, Aurora, Blur & Bokeh etc.

But there is a small problem with this app that you have few wallpapers for free and if you want all wallpapers you have to buy some coins first or have to watch ads to earn some coins.

Download Free

Download Prime

3. Parallax 3D Wallpaper

Parallax 3D as the name suggests this app has that cool parallax effect on all the wallpapers. When you move your phone picture will change accordingly.


This app has some in-app purchases if you want some really high-quality wallpapers then you have to pay Rs. 50 which is not much if you are a fan of parallax effects. But if you don’t want to spend money on wallpapers then there are some really cool parallax wallpapers are available for free of cost and I really like the supercar one. You can download this app from the given link below to try more.


Download Paid


4. Forest Live Wallpaper

If you are a fan of nature then Forest Live Wallpaper app is just for you althought this app has material designed forest but colors and graphics are really cool on this wallpaper app.

Forest Live Wallpaper apps for android

This app has all the advance features like live local weather update with Day night mode and wind always hitting the trees and overall it look seriously cool.

And the Cheery on top this Live Wallpaper also has parallax effect and I have to say this live wallpaper app has the best parallax effect. I highly recommend this app to check at least once and if you have some money feel free to donate to the app creators because this app is available for free on cost on Play store.


5. 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper

Again there is nothing special to talk about this 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper app This App has some good live wallpapers but the biggest problem with this app is the quality.

Best Live wallpaper apps for android

The wallpapers available for free has really low resolution seems like max HD not even full HD and if you want high resolution then you have to pay extra. My problem with this app is that at least they provide few live wallpapers for free in max resolutions to try before purchase.


6. Wallify

This app doesn’t have any live wallpaper but if you are a fan of material designed wallpapers in high Resolution then Wallify app is Just for you.

This app has a large collection of Full HD to 4K Artistic Material Wallpaper which you will find really intersting I highly recommend to checkout this app once.


7. Material Islands

As name suggest this app contain Material wallpapers of Islands there are some wallpapers which i really liked But all the wallpapers are static there is no parallax effect or anything else But Quality is there. All the wallpapers are available in Full HD Resolution.

Best Live Wallpaper apps for Android

All the wallpapers are available in Full HD Resolution.


8. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei is a live wallpaper app that gently refreshes your smartphone home screen every day with latest and famous art of works. It also blurred there background to keep your icons & widgets in the spotlight.

Best Live Wallpaper apps for Android

Top open app settings simply double tap on the wallpaper to open the Muzei App Settings and enjoy and explore the artwork in its full glory.

Here is the download link for the Muzei Live wallpaper app.


9. Aquarium Live Wallpaper

If you love Aquaman then you will like Aquarium Live Wallpaper App this App has almost all the Sea Creatures and the quality is superb on this one all the things are crispy and clear in Full HD Resolution.


10. Waterfall live wallpaper

If you are a fan of mother nature and love waterfalls then take a look at Waterfall live wallpaper.


11. Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper

IF you like Jarvis then you might find Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper App Personally I loved it.

It has a unique look which add extra character to your smartphone and portraying an abstract look to your phone via animated gears and parts of a mechanical watch which I personally found really interesting.

12. Minima Live Wallpaper

Minima Live Wallpaper has an endless range of colors and shifting shapes for your smartphone homescreen.

Best Android Apps for Live Wallpaper

All shapes shift and tilt in 3D parallax motion as you move the device. I love how easy is the control and design. If you’re worried about the better designs being only paid, they actually have some great free designs that really make your home screen look great.


13. Backdrops – Wallpapers

This app has all the features you want in a wallpapers app like clean user interface and this app receive daily updates.

Top 15 Best Wallpaper apps for Android

There is many things to talk about this app but the biggest problem with this Live wallpaper app is Ads. Basically there is no pro version for this app So, App  makers use ads to earn revenue but all the wallpapers are in High resolution.


14. 4K Superheroes Wallpapers

If you are fan of marvels and superheros then having a cool looking superhero live wallpaper is a virtual treat.

4K Superheros Wallpaper app has huge collection of Super heros material characters.


15. 4K Football Wallpapers

If you are a fan of football players then 4K Football wallpaper app is meant for you. This app has a large collection of stunning wallpapers of big moments in football games and your fravorate players like Messi and ronaldo etc.


So, That is our Top 15 Choices of Apps for Best Live Wallpaper apps for android. If you think we missed something then feel free to tell us in the comments section below we will love to hear your feedback.

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