Best Top Loading Washing Machine in India

Nowadays, Every house needs a washing machine. Because it saves lots of time in your busy daily life. But if you don’t have any washing machine and looking to purchase a new one or want to replace your old washing machine with need top load washing machine then you are at right place. we are guiding you to buy the best top load washing machine for your family in which you can easily wash heavy clothes and make all your task with ease.

In India, Many people trapped by prices while buying washing machines. You don’t need a rotator which only rotates your expensive clothes same way as they treat your regular clothes. While keeping an eye on future needs, you should buy a good washing machine which has all cloth caring & cleaning facilities.

But Before I’ll show you the list of Best Top Loading Washing Machines under your budget here are some key point which you must consider before buying any washing machine in India.

These are the 3 things to consider before buying Washing Machine

  • Washing Machine Capacity – It is the weight capacity which a washing machine can handle without any lag of performance. It very from 4kg to 10kg for different models. It totally depends on your needs which one you choose. If your family is big or you want to clean heavy curtains or blankets, you need to choose a high capacity machine.
  • Maximum Spin Speed – It is the rotation speed of the drum. In simple words, the more is the spin speed of washing machine the more your clothes will dry.
  • Wash Programs – Latest models of washing machines comes with many pre-defined wash programs for different conditions, for example, Express 15, baby wear, stains 40, stains 60, wool or hand wash, mixed fabric, etc.

Considering these qualities, product specifications, customers review on Flipkart and Amazon we have prepared a list of best top loading washing machines in India which you can buy online from Amazon or Flipkart.

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Best 5.5 kg to 6 kg Top Load Fully Automated Washing Machines (for small size family)

Best 6 kg to 7.2 kg Top Load Fully automated washing machines (for medium size family)

Best 7.5 kg to 9 kg Top Load Fully automated washing machines (for large size family)

1. Haier 5.8 kg Fully Automatic Machine

Haier 5.8 Kg Automatic Washing machine is perfect for small family and this machine is top load machine so you can wash heavy curtains or clothes in this washing machine and Service offered by Haier is really good.

Haier 5.8 KG Fully Automatic washing machine

Main Features of Haier 5.8 KG Machine:

  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine 5.8 Kg capacity.
  • It has 6 wash programs built in.
  • Rust free body, digital display, and Quadra flow.
  • Double level spin tub and quick wash.
  • Top loading washing machines are integrated with user-friendly features and are simple to use.

Buying Link | Amazon

2. LG 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load (T7070TDDL)

This washing machine has a maximum washing capacity of 6.2 kgs and It has a maximum spin speed of 710 rpm to ensure that your clothes get a gentle and thorough wash each time.

Here are the main features of LG Machine.

  • Fully Automatic Top Load capacity up to 6.2KG.
  • It can spin up to 710 RPM.
  • 3 Step Wash, Special Program: Silent, Soak, Turbo Soak, Auto Balance System, Health and Filter, Powerful Washing with Multi Water Flow, Waterfall Circulation, Smart Filter.
  • it comes with 2 Years Comprehensive Warranty.

Buying Link | Flipkart

3. Godrej WT 600C 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading

Godrej WT600C comes with a total washing capacity of 6 kg and advanced features which not only give superb washing treatment to your clothes but also take complete care of the fabric.

It washes your clothes using the Pulsator Technology which generates a 360-degree motion that eliminates dirt and stains from its roots and thus, cleans your clothes better.

Godrej WT600C fully automatic washing machine

Main Specs of Godrej WT 600C:

  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine of 6 kg capacity.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • 3 water levels and 3 wash programs.
  • 360-degree motion that eliminates dirt and stains.

Buying Link | Flipkart | Amazon

4. SAMSUNG 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load (WA60H4100HY/TL)

This machine is very similar to all other machines listed above but this one cost bit higher than other because it’s from Samsung but you defiantly get better after sales service.

Samsung Automatic Washing Machine

Here are the main features of this washing machine:

  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine; 6 kg capacity
  • 3 wash programs
  • 2 years comprehensive
  • 3 wash programsCentre jet pulsator, STS drum, transparent toughened glass, 3 washing cycle and 4 water level

Buying Link | Amazon | Flipkart

5. Whirlpool 7.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Whirlpool 7.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine cost almost Rs. 20000. With different wash programs such as Hard Water Wash, Express Wash, Stainwash, Wash Only, and Aquastore, this washer makes doing laundry easy.

whirlpool stainwash

Here are key features of Whirlpool Machine:

  • Fully Automatic Top Load.
  • Power is 360 W.
  • It has a Capacity of 7.2 kg.
  • Max Spin Speed is 740 rpm.
  • Steel | Spa Wash
  • Lint Filter Supported

Buying Link | Flipkart

6. IFB TL-SDG 7.0Kg AQUA Fully Automatic

If you are looking for a good washing machine for 7Kg Load then this IFB TL-SDG is a great option. This machine is fully automatic.

IFB Washing Machine

Here are the main features of this IFB Machine.

  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine; 7 kg capacity
  • Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty on a product
  • 8 wash programs
  • Water Level: 10
  • Water Inlet Selection: Hot/Warm/Cold
  • A big LED display screen is the new range of top loader washing machines will complement your home decor and you will definitely find them easy to use too

Buying Link | Amazon

7. LG T8567TEELR 7.5 kg Fully Automatic

Bring home the LG T8567TEELR 7.5 kg fully automatic top loading washer and say goodbye to your laundry woes. This washing machine makes use of Fuzzy Logic technology and gives your clothes a powerful wash while using water efficiently.

LG T8567TEELR Fully-automatic Washing Machine

Here are the main specs of this machine:

  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine 7.5 kg capacity.
  • Jet spray is a unique washing technology which removes the detergent stains completely during rinse.
  • At some point in your washer’s life, it will need some love and care.
  • The unique technology that knows how to take care of your clothes while giving you the perfect wash.
  • Improve rinsing effect, provide circulation of water, various and evenly strong washing currents.

Buying Link | Amazon

8. Samsung WA90J5730SS/TL Fully-automatic Top-loading 9 Kg

If you want a top of the line washing machine with 9Kg load top class washing machine only then go for Samsung WA90J5730SS. It has almost all the features which you can expect from a Full Automatic washing machine.

Samsung Best Full Automatic Washing Machine

Here are some of the main features of this Washing machine:

  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine 9 kg capacity.
  • 10 years on Motor and 2 years comprehensive warranty.
  • Wobble technology pulsator, diamond drum (STS) and 5 step super clean.
  • Soak, magic filter, eco tub clean and ice blue led.

Buying Link | Amazon

9. Samsung WA90F5S4QTA/TL Top-loading Washing Machine

This machine is one of the best you can buy right now in the market it has all the features and you can wash heavy curtains and clothes easily on this one.


Here are the main features:

  • Top-loading washing machine; 9 kg capacity
  • 2 years warranty on the product
  • Wobble Technology: A whole new spin on protecting delicate fabrics
  • The streamlined shape of the Diamond Drum provides a powerful yet gentle washing performance
  • Keep clothes magically lint-free

Buying Link | Amazon

10. Whirlpool Bloom Wash 8013H 8 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

This Whirlpool Bloom Wash 360° is a fully automatic top-loading washing machine that comes with a capacity of 8 kg. It has a maximum spin speed of 740 rpm and it offers 12 wash programs. We 100% Recommend this Washing Machine if your Budget is Rs. 30,000.

Best Top Load Washing Machine

Here are the top features of this Machine:

  • Fully Automatic Top Load.
  • The power of this machine is 360 W.
  • Capacity: 8 kg
  • Max Spin Speed: 740 rpm.
  • Stainless Steel | Agipeller Wash
  • Digital Display Supported | 12 Wash Programs
  • Lint Filter Supported.

Buying Link | Flipkart

So, that is our list of best top loading Washing machines which we recommend to anyone in India if you are looking for Fully Automatic machines.

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