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Best Earphones Under 500 (Crispy Sound & High Bass) | July 2018


Searching for Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees with Microphone?

If you are a Budget Smartphone Buyer then one thing you Definitely miss a lot in your Smartphone box is In-ear Style Headphones. Previously headphones bundled with smartphone package but now due to price-sensitive market, most of the budget popular smartphone comes without any headphone or earphones.

But there is nothing to worry today you can buy a good pair of earphones under 500 Rupees. We listed our Top 10 Pick below all are very good and offer crispy clear sound with a decent bass output. Most of the earphones provide quite accurate mid-highs which are surprising to me at this budget price.

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But after purchasing smartphone most of us don’t have much money in our pocket that’s way We are here with the list of Top 10 Best Earphones under 500 Rupees in India with amazing sound Quality and heavy bass. You can also check our Top 10 Earphones under Rs. 1000.

So, here is the list of Best Earphones under Rs. 500 in India.

Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees in India to buy

  1. Philips SHQ1200 ActionFit Sports | Rs.499
  2. Boat Basshead 225 with Mic | Rs. 498
  3. Envent Beatz 302 Headphone with Mic | Rs. 444
  4. PhilipsSHE3590BK/98 In-Ear Headphone | Rs. 384
  5. Mi Basic In-Ear Headphones | Rs. 599
  6. SoundMagic ES11S Earphones | Rs. 349
  7. Flipkart SmartBuy Wired Earphone | Rs. 299
  8. Envent Beatz 307 | Rs. 599
  9. Sound One 616 In-Ear Earphones with Mic | Rs. 499
  10. Sony MDR-EX15LP Wired Headphones | Rs. 449
  11. Skullcandy S2DUDZ-072 Earphone (without Mic) | Rs. 499
  12. Audio Technica ATH-CLR100BK In-Ear Headphone (without Mic) | Rs. 599
  13. Hoteon Mobilife Metal Headphones | Rs. 249
  14. MuveAcoustics Spark In-Ear Headphones with Mic | Rs. 699
  15. Portronics Conch 204 In-ear Style Earphone | Rs. 329

Now Let’s talk in Detail we test most of the earphones listed in this post and we will share our experience with all these earphones so, let’s start.

1. Philips SHQ1200 ActionFit Sports In-Ear Headphones (without Mic)

If you are a fitness person do some running or gym then Philips SHQ1200 Action fit Sports earphones are best for you because these earphones are Sweat resistant and rain proof and really comfortable to wear and earphones shell covered with rubber material so these earphones don’t slip out fro your ears easily.

These Philips earphones come with a Kevlar-reinforced cable for ultimate durability and only 4gm headphones for superb fit and ultra lightweight comfort. That’s why Philips SHQ1200 is on No.1 on this List.

Best Earphones Under 500 Philips SHQ1200 ActionFit Sports

Here are some of the main Features of Philips SHQ1200:

  • Anti-slip rubber ear caps keep the headphone always in ears.
  • 3 choices of ear cap sizes for optimal fit.
  • Designed for high performance
  • Cable clip and protective pouch for easy use and for traveling.
  • Kevlar-reinforced cable for ultimate durability.
  • The Reflective stopper in the cable.
  • Sweat resistant and rain proof which makes these earphones ideal for any workout.
  • Only 4gm headphones for superb fit and ultra lightweight comfort.

Buy Links: Amazon | Flipkart | Snapdeal

2. Boat BassHead 225 Earphones with Extra Bass (with Mic)

Some peoples like to listen to lots of bass heavy music and want an earphone which can produce really nice bass and comes under their budget then boat BassHead 225 is the Best Earphone for you because it comes with HD Super Extra Bass. These Earphones comes with the really nice Build quality and overall finishing of these Boat Basshead 225 is just Fantastic.

But at the same time, some peoples Don’t like these headphones just because it weights heavier then normal plastic earphones and if you use earphones while GYM or jogging I don’t recommend these earphones to you but if you can adjust with heavy earcups these earphones sound best with extra bass.

Best earphones under 500

Let’s take a look at Main Features of Boat Basshead 225:

  • Boat Basshead 225 is fully made of metal earcups and connector all are really premium.
  • These earphones come with Super Extra Bass.
  • Noise Isolation.
  • Powerful 10mm drivers for sonic clarity.
  • Astonishing sound quality and kick ass bass.
  • Perfect noise isolation.
  • Crafted with care, the polished metal ensures its longevity.
  • The tangle-free cable is lightweight and features user-friendly controls for easy functioning.

Buy Links: Amazon | Flipkart | Snapdeal

3. Envent Beatz 302 Earphones (with Mic)

Envent is a known Local Indian brand they make some really nice portable Bluetooth speakers and now they come with this Envent Beatz 302 in-ear style earphone with mic and cost just Rs. 499 only. Beatz 302 is a good pair of headphones with Nice Build Quality, Good for Fitness freaks, Decent bass and overall a really nice package below 500 with flat style cable.

Envent Beatz 302

  • Envent Beatz 302 comes with powerful 10mm Drivers for amazing audio output.
  • Beatz 302 frequency range starts from 20Hz to 20KHz.
  • These earphones offer great audio with deep bass.
  • It fits really good in your ears.
  • Wire length on this one is 1.2 meters which is a good thing.
  • It also has a mic for Voice calling and a Button to Accept/End Call.

Buy Links: Amazon | Flipkart | Snapdeal

4. Philips SHE3590BK/98 In-Ear Headphone (without Mic)

if your budget and ear both are small then Philips SHE2590BK/98 is a perfect option for you. These earphones are meant for small ears perfectly fit in small ear and these earphones are really lightweight too. Sound quality is also really nice but bass is not that good on this one But if you want Clear Vocal then this one is a great option.

PhilipsSHE3590BK/98 In-Ear Headphone Best Earphones Under 500 Rs with Mic

Main features of these earphones are listed Below

  • Enjoy really good quality sound.
  • Small efficient speakers reproduce precise sound with little bass.
  • Perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise.
  • Use them for longer.
  • Ultra-small for snug comfy in-ear fit.
  • 3 interchangeable rubber ear caps for optimal fit in all ear.

Buy Links: Amazon | Flipkart | Snapdeal

5. Mi Basic In-Ear Headphones (with Mic)

If you want most premium headphones in your budget then Mi Basic In-ear headphones will be our First choice only reason we put this on No. 5 instead of No.1 is this thing cost Rs. 600 apart from that its bag for Buck.

Mi Basic In-ear Style Headset Below 700

  • Mi Basic has frequency range 16Hz to 20Khz.
  • Driver Size of Mi Basic 10mm which is great.
  • Impedance 16 ohm.
  • It has Sensitivity 100dBm.
  • Metal build quality but its very lightweight.
  • It has microphone built-in for voice calling and audio quality is good via mic.

Buy Links: Amazon

6. SoundMagic ES11S Earphones (with Mic)

SoundMagic is a known brand in earphone department and ES11S is a really nice earphone come in punchy colors and sound quality is really natural no distortions. Build Quality is also very nice I used this earphone for almost 6 months and I’m a really hard user but nothing happen to these earphones So, Tes that is a really good choice for anyone But this Earphone doesn’t have a microphone for Voice Calling.

Best Earphones under 500

Now talk about the Main Features of SoundMagic ES11S Earphones:

  • First of all SoundMagic ES11S is really Lightweight.
  • Vocal comes out really Nicely.
  • Bass Output is also very Nice.
  • Comfortable fit and distinctive design.
  • It also has a mic for Voice calling.
  • Balanced Bass with superb musical detail.
  • Precise reproduction.
  • Good noise isolation hears protection.

Buy Links: Amazon | Flipkart | Snapdeal

7. Flipkart SmartBuy Wired Earphone (with Mic)

Flipkart tries to copy Amazon basic accessories and comes with Flipkart SmartBuy. But we have to say Flipkart comes with really nice accessories and these earphones have been tuned and optimized for popular music genres like pop, rock, dance, alternative and more.

Overall Sound Quality is really balanced from Flipkart earphones So, I can recommend these to any of you.

Best earphones under 500

Let’s see some features of Flipkart SmartBuy Earphones:

  • Powerful 10 mm dynamic drivers or a balanced and solid sound reproduction.
  • Power saver Neodymium magnet.
  • Noise-isolating earbuds.
  • Anti-slip ear tips.
  • Break-proof plugs these earphones have been subjected to over 10,000 insertions and removals, so you’ll never have to worry about damage due to wear and tear again.
  • Sweat-free silicone coating.
  • One-touch press to play music and take calls.
  • These earphones come with a built-in, high-quality microphone that delivers flawless voice clarity, every time.
  • Bend resistant detwister cable up to 1.2 meters long.
  • Weatherproof & these earphones come with 24 months warranty.

Buy Links: Flipkart

8. Envent Beatz 307 (with Mic)

Second Headphone from Envent in this List and this one has much better build quality then Beatz 302. Excellent earphone Built quality is Very good for the price range. Sound and voice quality is Excellent and provides really nice bass.
It has an inbuilt MIC with a button so no need to touch the phone to attend the call and also mic quality is very good. You can change the songs from the headphones only, so no need to touch the phone again and again.

Best Earphones under 500

  • Robust metal design for crisper sound
  • Beatz 307 has amazing 10mm Drivers for great audio.
  • It also offers a good amount of bass.
  • It has a built-in mic for Voice calling.
  • Frequency range starts from 20hz to 20KHz.

Buy Links: Amazon | Flipkart

9. Sound One 616 In-Ear Earphones (with Mic)

Another earphone from Sound one of the Best earphones under 500 rs in India. Sound Quality from this earphone is just amazing bass quality is also really nice vocals come out crystal clear. Pretty Lightweight and fit perfectly in ears.

Sound One 616 In Ear Earphones

Here are the main features of Sound One 616:

  • Dynamic 10mm drivers provide really nice output.
  • Vertical in-ear style design perfect for sports person.
  • Built-in mic with a remote.
  • Carry Case & Pouch Included in box.
  • Powerful, bass-driven stereo sound.

Buy Links:  Amazon

10. Skullcandy S2DUDZ-072 Earphone (without Mic)

Skullcandy is a brand which is known for great audio products but in budget section, Skullcandy is not as good as Skullcandy in high-end products but if you want earphones with Skullcandy logo then you can buy this earphone. But it doesn’t mean that these earphones are not good it sounds nice but not as good as other ones on this list.

Skullcandy S2DUDZ-072 In-Ear Headphone

Main features of this earphones:

  • The audio headset features 3.5 millimeters plug, lightweight, enhanced bass.
  • Sound Enhancements: Enhanced base, stereo sound.
  • Frequency response: 20-20000Hz.
  • 1.2 meters cord length.
  • Ear cushion material: Silicone; Includes 3 different size silicone ear gels.

Buy Links: Amazon | Flipkart

11. Sony MDR-EX15LP Wired Headphones (without Mic)

Sony is a big brand worldwide and Sony os know for camera and audio but as Skullcandy Sony is not that great in budget segment audio quality plus build quality is really decent for the price you pay.

sony mdr ex15lp

The main feature of Sony MDR-EX15LP:

  • Its frequency range 30Hz to 20Khz.
  • Decent Build Quality.
  • Normal audio quality.
  • Wire quality is also decent.
  • Wire length on Sony MDR-EX15LP is 1.2 meter.
  • These headphones come with 1 year of Warranty.

Buy Links: Amazon | Flipkart

12. Audio Technica ATH-CLR100BK In-Ear Headphone (without Mic)

if you just want best sounding earphone and you can compromise with build quality little bit then Audio Technica ATH-CLR100BK In-Ear Headphone is right now the best option available in the market and if you are a brand wala person then Audio Technica is a known brand in the market now.

Audio Technica ATH S100

Best features of Audio Technica ATH CLR100:

  • Crystal-clear sound and excellent detail resolution.
  • The easy-traveling audio performance with cord wrap included.
  • Comfortable long-wearing design.
  • In-ear-style headphones.
  • Offered in eight vibrant colors: black, white, lime green, blue, orange, red, purple and pink.

Buy Links: Amazon

13. Portronics Conch 204 Earphone

Portronics Conch 204 offers Amazing Sound Clarity, Pleasant Comfort on wearing and Convenient Call Control. Conch 204 takes you inside your own World of Music, far-away from Surrounding Noise. Conch 204 In-ear earphones, in the category also known as In-Ear Monitors (IEMs), have Soft Silicon Ear-buds that form a comfortable seal on the Ear Canals giving great Bass Effect, Noise Isolation and perfect Fit-security that is suitable for wearing even while moving around for long hours. Its good fit and a tight seal are very important for a great sound quality.


  • Counch 204 has 8mm Drivers
  • Built-in Microphone for Voice calling
  • In Couch 204 you also got Volume button on the board
  • Frequency Range 20Hz to 20,000Hz
  • There is also a button to Accept/Reject Call or Play/Pause Music
  • Connector 3.5mm Jack
  • Impedance 16 ohm
  • 1.2m Tangle-free flat cable gives nice strength and length for comfortable use.
  • Warranty 1 Year

Buy LinksAmazon | Flipkart

14. Hoteon Mobilife Metal Headphones

If your budget is low and looking for a great option then take a look at Hoteon Mobilife Metal earphone. Marino M1 is brilliantly engineered with high-quality dynamic drivers that pump out powerful deep bass and balanced crisp highs, creates an exciting and fun listening experience. Advanced Driver casings are designed and made with the solid sound-insulating material, reducing external noise while minimizing sound leakage. You can enjoy the real life of the music.

Hoteon Mobilife Metal Headphones

  • 1-button in-line metal remote gives you the power to easily take and end phone calls.
  • Control music with a touch of a button, such as play/pause, Next song, Previous Song.
  • Crystal Clear Sound Quality.
  • Lightweight in-ear stereo earphones bring you crystal clear and dynamic sound.
  • Wider frequency range allows you to enjoy impressive music.

Buy Links – Amazon

15. MuveAcoustics Spark Earphones

Don’t just listen to your music. Feel it That’s what MuveAcoustics Says. It has onboard all the features you need to experience your music at its full potential – Ultra-Comfort Fit that also ensures passive noise isolation, tangle-free cables and amazing sound. Spark gives you incredible sound with a focus on bass. It’s dynamic clarity is apparent at any volume and the frequency response ensures that you get the full effect of your music.

Best Under 500

  • It has Noise-isolating in-ear headphones with superior bass that creates a powerful audio experience.
  • Headset with inline microphone and playback control. Compatible with most smartphones for hands-free use.
  • Meeting the demands of your active life, these sweat-resistant in-ear headphones have a tangle-free flat cable ideal for running a busy life.
  • Ergonomic design with the choice of S, M, L sizes of ear cushions for perfect fit and feel.
  • MuveAcoustics offers a 1-year warranty.

Buy Links – Amazon | Flipkart

So that is Our list of Top 10 Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees in India. If you have any question and query let us know in the comment section below.

If you are still confused then feel free to ask me in the comment section below buddy I’ll love to help you.

Feel free to share this post with your friends and family who are interested in buying best earphones under 500 and make sure you follow us at all the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter for latest updates on our Website.

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